The Brief Overview & Life of J. Simmons

J. Simmons

President & CEO of Full Throttle Mode Productions

American rapper J. Simmons also known by his full name 'Jared Simmons was born & raised in Philadelphia, PA. Always known to have some headphones on his ear and always listening to music around the clock. J. Simmons grew up in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. Throughout his childhood J. Simmons has not only been through a lot of tough challenges but he has had many achieved goals. In 2010 J. Simmons made a life decision in which he decided to move to the state of Florida and start completely over with his life.

After J. Simmons relocated to the south in 2010, he began to build a life out in the south. 2015 J. Simmons started producing instrumentals for the fun of it until a good friend of his inspired him to start writing music. 2016 J. Simmons completed his first album called 'Reality Check' in which he never released due to the poor quality of the recording. February 2016 he perfomed one of his tracks from 'Reality Check' with Coast 2 Coast Live.

In December of 2016 he released his single 'The Return' in stores due to him being out of the studio due to a tragic car accident. In June 2017 J. Simmons then released his second album 'The Wave' into stores. Although J. Simmons hasn't been releasing much music into stores, he has been featured on a lot of other people tracks and also releasing music to his SoundCloud. In January 2019 J. Simmons recently had his first radio interview with Indie Jamz Radio. He spoke about several things he planned to do to help grow his music career and the things he plans to do from here on out with his career.

Keep It A Stack With Yourself & Watch How Things Start Changing Around You.”

— J. Simmons