Antwan Willis


Antwan Willis also known as 'Sports The Wave God' was born in raised in Philadelphia, PA. Antwan has been writing music since he was a kid. Antwan has released several of cassette & CD mixtapes. In 2013 Sports released his first mainstream mixtape called 'Doin Numbers'. The release of that mixtape gave Antwan a lot of exposure causing him to follow up with his first EP 'The Zone' which released in 2016. As the attention became on a rise, so did his content. In 2019 Sports released 1 single per month gaining major attention with other artists & also gaining the attention of new fans.

Demorio Hall

President of Trap Team Beats

Young D of Trap Team, also known as Demorio Hall, is one of the hottest producers in the music industry.  He has produced for many known artists including Rick Ross, Eurgotit, CurlyHeadMonty, and various tv networks. Coming out of a small town in Arkansas, his sound is respected globally.  He is very diverse in his style of production ranging from Trap Beats to Pop Beats, to even Country Rap Beats.

James Wright

Professional Photographer

James Wright also known as "Shadow" in the car scene is a professional photographer in Florida. Founder of Ambient Wolf Photography©, James graduated with a certification in Professional Photography to expand his business. Ambient Wolf Photography© was founded in 2018 and has an amazing track record of reviews from recent clientele. To set up a booking or to review his catalog, visit his website.

Roderick Prince

Videographer / Artist

Roderick Prince also known as 'SA Silent Assassin' is a multi-talented artist who lives to perform and entertain. Music is his love & he practically eats, sleep, and breathe it. Growing up Roderick loved walking to school with nothing but beats and vocals, painting the picture of the world around him. His style is abstract which is attached with his delivery & diversity. Roderick musical influences are from one spectrum to the next. Classic Rock, Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Trap, Techno and R&B gives him the ability to adapt to all circumstances and environments. With levels of motivation and discipline he has developed over 30 years, Roberick is still eager to learn. Words could never describe the hunger of success inside of him that gives him the drive. Roderick founded his video company '220 Vision Films' in 2020 where he creates GFX designs, logos, music videos, & cinematic intros.

Nothing Is Impossible If You Really Want It. ”

— J. Simmons