Monthly Spotify Playlist Promotion

25,000 Listening Reach Package 

  • Great fit for those looking for results on a smaller budget
  • Get added to 3 Playlist
  • Promote 1 song

50,000 Listening Reach Package

  • Perfect fit for those looking to make immediate significant impact in their music career
  • Get added to 6 Playlist
  • Promote 2 songs

100,000 Listening Reach Package

  • For those looking to make a HUGE impact in their music career
  • Most common package used by independent labels & those on a high scale budget
  • Get added to 12 Playlist
  • Promote 3 songs

Please add the link(s) of the Spotify or Soundcloud song that you  are wishing to promote during check out

Legal Disclaimer: Streaming performance is dependent upon song quality and replay value

Please Allow 2-5 Days for Placement

*Guaranteed Placement*

Song Review
  • Song Review
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Need an opinion on your song? Want to know if it's a good track for the listeners? Submit your track to us and we'll review it on Instagram LIVE. You'll receive detailed information that can help you become better at what you love to do.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR TRACK TO: with confirmation of payment

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Biography (Written)
  • Biography (Written)
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As an artist, it is extremely important that you have a biography. The reasons of that is because it gives some insight on your background & what inspired you to begin your journey in the first place.

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