Monthly Spotify Playlist Promotion

25,000 Listening Reach Package 

  • Great fit for those looking for results on a smaller budget
  • Get added to 10 Playlist
  • Promote 1 song

50,000 Listening Reach Package

  • Perfect fit for those looking to make immediate significant impact in their music career
  • Get added to 16 Playlist
  • Promote 2 songs

100,000 Listening Reach Package

  • For those looking to make a HUGE impact in their music career
  • Most common package used by independent labels & those on a high scale budget
  • Get added to 26 Playlist
  • Promote 4 songs
SoundCloud Promotion
  • SoundCloud Promotion
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Got music on SoundCloud? Gain new fans & streams naturally on a wide scale full of new listening ears. Get your newest SoundCloud track(s) on a high trending level.


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Please add the link of the Spotify or Soundcloud song that you  are wishing to promote during check out

Legal Disclaimer: Streaming performance is dependent upon song quality and replay value

Please Allow 2-5 Days for Placement

*Guaranteed Placement*


Biography (Written)
  • Biography (Written)
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As an artist, it is extremely important that you have a biography. The reasons of that is because it gives some insight on your background & what inspired you to begin your journey in the first place.

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