The Legends Who Live Amongst Us In The Guardian Heavens

Kobe & Gigi Bryant

The Black Mamba

In a world full of evil, you made a difference. You've touched many lives & souls on & off the court. Your legacy will not be forgotten & the lessons you taught will continue to be taught through those you've inspired & touched.

Sleep In Peace

Kobe Bryant 1978-2020

Gianna Bryant (aka Gigi) 2006-2020

Ermias (Nipsey Hussle) Ashgedom

The Marathon Continues

You've made a difference in your home community. You've taught entrepreneurship in your community and through the world. You've sent a message through the things you've talked about in your interviews & even in just general conversations. Racks in the Middle was your last single however it was the beginning of something beautiful & you will never be forgotten.

Sleep in Peace

Ermias Ashgedom (Nipsey Hussle) 1985-2019



John Witherspoon


The laughter that you've gave through your career has & always will be amazing. From the voice of "Grand Dad" on The Boondocks to you showing very teachable moments on Friday & many more movies. Your legacy will live & you will forever make many people laugh until they have tears in their eyes.

Sleep in Peace

John Witherspoon (aka Pops & Grand Dad) 1942-2019

Jahseh Onfroy


You became the start of the younger generation. You've sent a powerful message to the youth through your music. Many couldn't or didn't understand you but you made it clear that it is okay to be misunderstood because we are human.You've showed that mistakes happen but that you can always recover from them & that people do change. You live though your music, fans, & your loved ones.

Sleep in Peace

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy (aka XXXTENTACION) 1998-2018

James Avery (Uncle Phil)

Phillip Banks

From the days of The Fresh Prince with Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff to you becoming a stunning role model in your career. It was never a gloomy moment that you have brought to the table. Many teachable moments & many father figure roles played. Although it was you career to many, you became a person many looked up to.

Sleep in Peace

James Avery (Uncle Phil) 1945-2013