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What is The Black Table”? 

Hosted by J. Simmons, The Black Table is a talk show airing on Instagram LIVE every Sunday at 9 PM EST/8 CST, where we will discuss a variety of topics such as: 

Depression, Anxiety & How to Cope 

Relationship Issues & Solutions 

Starting & Maintaining Your Own Business 

Today’s Racial Divide 

Political Matters that matter to YOU & More! 

Special guests to attend as well

We encourage you to join us at The Black Table! A place for expression; a moment to question everything in the world around us as it pertains to YOUR daily life struggles! Whether it’s simply to listen and learn, or to add your own respectful input and let YOUR voice be heard. Join us, and be a part of the discussion! 

Click the image to enter, Sundays at 9 EST (8 CST) or follow @officialj.simmons to join directly via Instagram when the live starts. For at the Black Table, we are all ROYALTY!

The Goal & Vision Is To Become One With Thyself & To Never Forget Where You Came From”

— J. Simmons