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What is The Black Table”? 

Hosted by J. Simmons, The Black Table is a talk show airing on TikToc LIVE every Saturday at 9:30 PM EST/8 :30 CST, where we will discuss a variety of topics such as: 

Depression, Anxiety & How to Cope 

Relationship Issues & Solutions 

Starting & Maintaining Your Own Business 

Today’s Racial Divide 

Political Matters that matter to YOU & More! 

Special guests to attend as well

We encourage you to join us at The Black Table! A place for expression; a moment to question everything in the world around us as it pertains to YOUR daily life struggles! Whether it’s simply to listen and learn, or to add your own respectful input and let YOUR voice be heard. Join us, and be a part of the discussion! 

Click the image to enter, Saturday at 9:30 EST (8:30 CST) or follow @officialj.simmons to join directly via TikTok when the live starts. For at The Black Table, we are all ROYALTY!

Featured Newsletters

This holiday week, I invite us all to send extra gratitude to the spaces that feel like home for us. 


This could be as small as a cozy corner in a rented room or your big dream home with a backyard, white picket fence, and swing set.


And, sometimes, where we feel at home isn't even a physical space. 


It's that friend who loves you for you even in your messy moments, the therapist who always reminds you that everything's all right, or the way the mail lady addresses you with, "Hey, Sugar," and a wide smile. 


As we run through our list of items to be grateful for this week, I want to remind you to thank the spaces, people, and energies that have held you and loved you back to life.


Today, I am grateful for many things, but a big one is the team at Counseling Space. I have been blessed with beautiful souls who show up as their loving and authentic selves and joyfully collaborate to ensure that we can continue serving our communities so that you and your loved ones remain happy and whole. 


And this year, the team grew to include new players who brought one of our biggest projects to life: our riverside retreat bungalow in Florida!


We are so grateful that our self-care space, designed JUST FOR YOU, is now complete!


If you'd like to be entered to win a FREE WEEKEND STAY for MLK weekend next year, fill our <<Membership Survey>> before NOV 29! 


Now, continuing from where we left off in our last newsletter... 


With closing done, it was time to design the most important space in the home, the Zen Space.


As I desired to thoughtfully create a self-care space for women who seek to deeply restore and renew, I knew the wellness stay needed to have a designated room for meditation, prayer, yoga, and other mindfulness practices. 


If you recall from the previous newsletter, my agent, Ms. Stephanie Wyatt, was always full of resources and referred me to the designer, Sueann Badillo (pictured below), founder of the award-winning Moxie Design Group.



I explained my vision to her, and she was so patient with me being so particular about my vision and the furniture I wanted. However, I quickly learned that I needed to be flexible, especially with the crazy delays in shipping and low inventory this year. Once again, we did not let the challenges stop our creation.

And, as promised, here's a sneak peek of the INTERIOR of the wellness stay just for you! 


I trust you love it as much as we do! 

While it was Sueann's first experience designing a Zen Space, we both approached it with the same level of enthusiasm. Once the conceptual design was done and the furniture finally delivered, it was time to set everything up! 
As you know, furniture these days comes in multiple pieces that seem impossible to assemble, but I do my best to practice what I preach, and that is to delegate. This journey led me to a resilient and young survivor who is an expert at assembly furniture – Jared Simmons (pictured below). 


About 90% of the furniture in our wellness stay zen space was assembled by Jared! Every time I had furniture delivered, I would call Jared, and he took care of it. Jared is the Founder and CEO of Full Throttle Mode Productions, podcast host, and suicide survivor. 


After several trips to the space, he learned more and more about our work at Counseling Space and the WHY behind our Wellness Stay, and that is when he shared with me that he did the podcast to share his experience with mental health and suicide. When he asked me to be a guest on his show, I said, “I’m there!"


POSITIVE SIGN #4: What are the chances that our space, designed specifically to support the mental health of our communities, would have the majority of the furniture assembled by a survivor in recovery?


We just couldn't have asked for a better team to set the space up.


This space is for YOU. 


This space is for ALL.


We are so grateful to walk with you all on your journey and to have you walk with us. 


Enjoy the holiday! We trust that wherever you are and whoever you're with, your heart is at HOME


REMEMBER: COMPLETE our Membership survey << HERE >> to earn an entry in our DEC 1 drawing for a 2-day Wellness Stay escape in Florida for the MLK weekend! 


With Wellness, 
Leslie Garcia 

P.S. Click here to share your deepest desires for you and your family for 2022. Not sure what those desires are? Taking the 3 short minutes to answer the survey questions may just bring you to clarity! 


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